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Hello! I am so glad you have heard about our story. During a season of reflection, my wife and I embarked on my opening book, Write It Down. Written with future generations in mind, I sought to capture stories I and my family have experienced over the years. The places, people, and events range the continental United States yet could be taking place just outside your door. I think you will find yourself laughing and crying along with me and my family while being amazed at what we have experienced. Through sharing my/our story, we hope you would find your own story and be willing to share it with others.

What readers are saying…

“These pages flew by as the story unfolded. I loved it. We serve an amazing God, and seeing Him work in Adam and Laura’s life through this story is a testament to His power. Having been a part of a marriage that Adam and Laura intervened in during our darkest hour, I am forever grateful to their faithfulness changed our lives into something wonderful.”


“I just finished your book. It was truly amazing, thank you for sharing your stories with us. So good to see God’s work in your lives.”


“I had to stop reading since I was in public. Big crocodile tears were falling out of my eyes. I’m only on page 68?!?!”


“I just finished reading your incredible story of how God has gone before you in so many different ways and times. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings while baring your soul in this book. Like the saga of Anna…this story is reminiscent of a Sydney Sheldon or John Grisham mystery novel. I could hardly turn the pages fast enough to find out what happens next. Hope you will let me know when ‘volume 2’ is coming out.”


“Just finished reading Adam’s wonderful page turner! He is a great writer and it was so interesting! An abundant life of following and obeying and making a difference. At the end when he says on page 134, 1st sentence, last paragraph…”Unlike each of you girls”…I imagine he is talking to your daughters, but this book allows all its readers to come into your lives and be blessed and possibly reach out as well! So glad he wrote it and praying God will use it for His glory and for the advancement of His kingdom.”


“Your family has such a beautiful roller coaster of a story and I am glad to have experienced more of it through your writing. I love how vividly you paint a picture of the different stories you tell. I laughed and cried while reading which means you did such a great job of not just telling a story but painting a picture. Congratulations on giving a generational gift that is a testament of God’s hand in your family lineage.”


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